Kamiya Mansion


Owner change 1 building profitable property that is fully occupied

12 mins walk from "Higashi Jujo" via Keihin Tohoku line

13 mins walk from "Akabane" station via Keihin Tohoku line

Yield 6.16%

Estimated monthly rent income (inclung common are charges) 770,000 JPY

Estimated annual rent income (including common are charges) 9,240,000 yen

*Annual income is for reference only and is not guaranteed.

Bulding Details
Structure Steel structure, galvanized copper roof Scale 3 stories above ground
Construction June 1995
Land rights Ownership
City planning area Urbanised area
Use district Tyoe 1 residential area Building coverage ratio 60%
Floor_area ratio 200% Districts, blocks, etc. Type 2 High level area
Current situation Apartment house/ 9 rooms: 8 rooms are rented
Delivery date consultation
Elevator None


Bldg. area: 1st floor 89.28
2nd floor 108.16

3rd floor 110.96