The Wangan Tower Rex Garden 28th floor, Room 2083


A unit on the 28th floor facing west overlooking the bay area.

You can see the view toward the city centre and the beautiful sunset with Mt. Fuji in the distant view.

Seismic isolation structure that makes it difficult for the shaking of an earthquake to affect the building.

Ryokuchi Park and parking lot for 285 cars on the premises

Sky lounge, guest room available

3 mins walk from Shinonome station via Tokyo Seaside High Speed Railway.
12 mins walk from Tatsumi station on the Tokyo Metro Marunochi line.

Bulding Details
Structure RC (Reinforced Concrete) Scale 1 Basement 31 floor building. For 28th floor
Construction September 2012
Land rights Ownership
Use district Semi-industrial area
Current situation Vacant
Delivery date Immediately possible
Elevator Yes

  • Balcony area: 6.09
  • 1,526 JPY/ month (breakdown) CATV usage fee: 454 JPY / Internet usage fee: 972 JPY / Town membership fee: 100 JPY
  • 24 hour security box
  • 24 hour ventilation system
  • Delivery box
  • Internet compatible
  • Disposer
  • Water purifier
  • Tower apartment (10 stories or more)
  • After service
  • Residence club
  • Pets allowed
  • Floor heating (LD)
  • Auto lock
  • Dishwasher

Repair reserve: 11,860 JPY/ month from May 2022. 12,710 JPY/ month from May 2023.
Selling company: Masatomo Jisho
Construction company: Maeda Corporation
Management company: Mitsubishi Jisho Community
Management form: All consignment (day shift)