Lions Mansion Ekoda 2, Room 104, Sectioned Store


3 lines and 2 stations available! The 1st floor is currently rented.

8 mins walk from Ekoda station via Seibu Ikebukuro line / 10 mins walk from Kotake Mukaihara station via Tokyo Metro Yurakcho line/ Fukutoshin line

Trimming salon is in business.

Yield 6.35%

Estimated monthly rent income 157,871 JPY.
Estimated annual rent income 1,894,452 JPY
*Annual income is for reference only and is not guaranteed.
Margin deposit is 2,250,000

Bulding Details
Structure RC (Reinforced Concrete) Scale 4 stories above ground
Construction February 1988
Land rights Ownership
City planning area Urban area
Use district Neighboring commercial ar
Close road North side: Public road, Width: Appx. 6.4 - 1.9m, Entry road: 18m Current situation For Rent
Bicycle parking lot Yes (free)
Delivery date For consultation Electricity TEPCO
Gas City Gas Water services Public Management
sewage Main pipe line Miscellaneous drainage Main pipe line
Rainwater Main pipe line Elevator Yes


Repair reserve: 23,280 JPY per month.
Fixed city tax annual amount: 75,754 JPY

West side: public road, Width: approx. 9,, Contact road: 14m