Harness Hiro Room 105


2 mins walk from Gaku 03 bus stop via Shibuya bus
1 min walk from Gaku 06 bus stop for Ebisu

2 minutes walk from convenience store

Air conditioner new replacement

Bulding Details
Structure Steel frame Scale 3 stories above ground
Construction March 1990
Current situation Vacant
Bicycle parking lot Yes

  • Aircon
  • NTT Hikari
  • Indoor washing machine storage
  • CATV
  • 1 gas stove installed
  • Lighting
  • Bicycle Parking (Free)

Fire insurance: 2 years including earthquake insurance. (Rental liability compensation: 20 million yen, personal liability compensation: 20 million yen)

Guarantee company subscription required: Ells Support for residential use Initial guarantee fee 50% of total rent
Annual guarantee fee 10,000 JPY

*If the current status is different from the drawing, the current status will be prioritized.